Scusi Brancusi 2009

Markus Müller

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Does art in public space have to be overtly on display or is it acceptable to be deployed undercover? And how inhospitable can the location of such an artwork be? What do Markus Müller, the artist of Scusi Brancusi, and Ines Goldbach, Director of the Kunsthaus Baselland, have to say? Anyway, Scusi Brancusi is a brilliant commentary on the location!


Ines Goldbach

Kunsthaus Baselland

Markus Müller



Scusi Brancusi

The sculpture reaching to the sky was created in 2009 along with the construction of the neighboring building that has six inner courtyards, each with a work of art commissioned by the architect. The 24 m high, antenna-like steel artwork was originally intended for the adjacent courtyard. However, this protected location was turned down in favor of an inconspicuous site in front of the building, an environment that can hardly be surpassed in terms of traffic infrastructure and congestion, inhospitality, and street furniture. Now the sculptural mast–completely without a pedestal–rests on the same level as all the traffic lights, signposts, traffic dividers, and lampposts. In addition, its metal-grey color is borrowed from these elements and is also the same as the nearby building. By adopting these similarities of form and color, the artist achieves the greatest possible integration of the artwork into the surroundings, or more aptly said: the greatest possible inconspicuousness of his artwork.


Markus Müller

Markus Müller (b. 1970 in Teufen AR) lives and works in Basel. Through large-format sculptures he recreates motifs from nature or everyday objects and knows how to subvert our perception with astonishing imitation and skillful staging. Numerous installations of his work in public space are located throughout Switzerland and his artwork has been acknowledged by numerous awards.

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