Magma 2013

Saskia Edens

6′54 · DE/EN/FR · de/en · 2023

Shining aluminum, solidified like magma, lies in three rain gutters at the Brunnmatt Schoolhouse. Initially liquefied and then arrested in an organic flow upon cooling, the material reflects the moods of light and contrasts with the geometrical volumes of the architecture. Saskia Eden’s artwork was installed in 2013 on the occasion of a renovation of the complex. Numerous artworks had already been part of the Brutalistic areal when it was built in the 1960s. Together with Ingvild Jervidalo from the artist space DOCK, Eden takes us on a discovery tour through the school complex revealing essentials behind the process of creating Magma.


Ingvild Jervidalo

DOCK artist space and archive

Saskia Edens


Written and directed by

Marcel Scheible


Aurelio Buchwalder
Marcel Scheible


Marcel Scheible
Mirjam Zimmermann

Oeil extérieur

Christa Miranda


Jasmin Albash


Andreas Grötzinger
Anne Hody

Location Sound

Timo Schaub

Sounddesign and Mix

Thomas Rechberger



Graphic Design

Noëmi Bachmann

Color Grading

Hannes Rüttimann


Yamina Durscher



Cast in aluminum and plated with palladium leaf, since 2013 the artwork conforms to the shape of its bed in three rain gutters at the Brunnmatt Schoolhouse. In addition, the artist has staged a light shaft in the entrance hall as a catch basin for the magma flows. Here can be touched what only could be perceived on the façade from a distance. In all parts of the work, the cooled stream of aluminum – and thereby also of the production process – has remained visible. In this way Saskia Edens responds to the architecture of the Schoolhouse, an example of so-called Brutalism: the sculptural béton brut or exposed concrete architecture is characterized by such rough tactile effects achieved through the imprint of the wooden formwork.


Saskia Edens

Saskia Edens (b. 1975 in Geneva) grew up in Lausanne and has lived and worked in Basel since 2002. She received the Sponsorship Award of the Alexander Clavel Foundation in 2007. A focus of the artist is performance art through which she participates in events worldwide. She explores such themes as prehistoric art, cycles of nature, phenomena of light, and formative processes of our planet. In 2013 she executed Magma, a Kunst-und-Bau [Art and Architecture] project on the façade of the Brunnmatt Schoolhouse.

Artworks in the film
MAGMA 2013
map icon Brunnmatt Schoolhouse / Ingelsteinweg / Basel

Hochbauamt / Kunstkredit

Walter Maria Förderer 1928–2006
Rolf Georg Otto 1924–2003
Hans Zwimpfer 1930–2017
Brunnmatt Schoolhouse 1960–1965

Ingelsteinweg / Basel

Coghuf 1905–1976
Reliefs 1965

Brunnmatt Schoolhouse / Ingelsteinweg / Basel
Hochbauamt / Kunstkredit

Paul Suter 1926–2009
Iron Sculpture (untitled) 1965

Brunnmatt Schoolhouse / Ingelsteinweg / Basel
Hochbauamt / Kunstkredit